Our Fees

Portfolio Value                   Base Fee

First $1,000,000                        0.80%

Next $1,000,000                        0.70%

Next $1,000,000                        0.60%

Next $2,000,000                        0.50%

Next $5,000,000                        0.40%

Above $10,000,000                   0.35%

Important Consumer Disclosure:

Fees and Compensation – Stage Harbor Financial offers services on a fee basis, which includes fixed fees, as well as fees based upon assets under management. Additionally, certain of the Firm’s Supervised Persons, in their individual capacities, offer insurance products under a separate commission-based arrangement.

Financial Planning and Consulting Fees – Stage Harbor Financial charges a fixed fee for providing financial planning and consulting services under a stand-alone engagement. These fees are negotiable, but range from $3,000 to $20,000 depending upon the scope and complexity of the services and the professional rendering the financial planning and/or the consulting services. If the client engages the Firm for additional investment advisory services, Stage Harbor Financial may offset all or a portion of its fees for those services based upon the amount paid for the financial planning and/or consulting services. The terms and conditions of the financial planning and/or consulting engagement are set forth in the Advisory Agreement and Stage Harbor Financial requires one-half of the fee (estimated hourly or fixed) payable upon execution of the Advisory Agreement. The outstanding balance is due upon delivery of the financial plan or completion of the agreed upon services. The Firm does not, however, take receipt of $1,200 or more in prepaid fees in excess of six months in advance of services rendered.

Wealth Management Fees – Stage Harbor Financial offers wealth management services for an annual fee based on the amount of assets under the Firm’s management. This management fee varies in accordance with the following blended fee schedule:

PORTFOLIO VALUE                          BASE FEE

First $1,000,000                                   0.80%

Next $1,000,000                                  0.70%

Next $1,000,000                                  0.60%

Next $2,000,000                                  0.50%

Next $5,000,000                                  0.40%

Above $10,000,000                             0.35%

The annual fee is prorated and charged quarterly, in arrears, based upon the market value of the average daily account balance during that quarter. The Firm may charge an additional fixed fee for the financial planning and consulting fees where those needs are in excess of the asset-based fee.

Since the asset-based fee is determined by average daily account balance, if assets are deposited into or withdrawn from an account after the inception of a quarter, the base fee payable with respect to such assets is adjusted accordingly. For the initial period of an engagement, the fee is calculated on a pro rata basis. In the event the advisory agreement is terminated, the fee for the final billing period is prorated through the effective date of the termination and the outstanding or unearned portion of the fee is charged or refunded to the client, as appropriate.

Additionally, for asset management services the Firm provides with respect to certain client holdings (e.g., held-away assets, accommodation accounts, alternative investments, etc.), Stage Harbor Financial may negotiate a fee rate that differs from the range set forth above.

Retirement Plan Consulting Fees – Stage Harbor Financial charges as fixed project-based fee to provide clients with retirement plan consulting services. Each engagement is individually negotiated and tailored to accommodate the needs of the individual plan sponsor, as memorialized in the Agreement. These fees vary, based on the scope of the services to be rendered and amount of assets to be managed. The fees can be fixed or asset-based.

Fee Discretion – Stage Harbor Financial may, in its sole discretion, negotiate to charge a lesser fee based upon certain criteria, such as anticipated future earning capacity, anticipated future additional assets, dollar amount of assets to be managed, related accounts, account composition, pre-existing/legacy client relationship (including support clients provide to the Firm), account retention and pro bono activities.

Additional Fees and Expenses – In addition to the advisory fees paid to Stage Harbor Financial, clients also incur certain charges imposed by other third parties, such as broker-dealers, custodians, trust companies, banks and other financial institutions (collectively “Financial Institutions”). These additional charges include securities brokerage commissions, transaction fees, custodial fees, fees attributable to alternative assets, fees charged by the Independent Managers, margin costs, charges imposed directly by a mutual fund or ETF in a client’s account, as disclosed in the fund’s prospectus (e.g., fund management fees and other fund expenses), deferred sales charges, odd-lot differentials, transfer taxes, wire transfer and electronic fund fees, and other fees and taxes on brokerage accounts and securities transactions.

Direct Fee Debit – Clients provide Stage Harbor Financial and/or certain Independent Managers with the authority to directly debit their accounts for payment of the investment advisory fees. The Financial Institutions that act as the qualified custodian for client accounts, from which the Firm retains the authority to directly deduct fees, have agreed to send statements to clients not less than quarterly detailing all account transactions, including any amounts paid to Stage Harbor Financial. Alternatively, Stage Harbor Financial may, in its sole discretion, accept a client’s request send a separate invoice for direct payment, in which case the Firm may bill in advance based upon the value of the assets under management on the last day of the previous quarter.

Account Additions and Withdrawals – Clients can make additions to and withdrawals from their account at any time, subject to Stage Harbor Financial’s right to terminate an account. Additions can be in cash or securities provided that the Firm reserves the right to liquidate any transferred securities or declines to accept particular securities into a client’s account. Clients can withdraw account assets on notice to Stage Harbor Financial, subject to the usual and customary securities settlement procedures. However, the Firm designs its portfolios as long-term investments and the withdrawal of assets may impair the achievement of a client’s investment objectives. Stage Harbor Financial may consult with its clients about the options and implications of transferring securities. Clients are advised that when transferred securities are liquidated, they may be subject to transaction fees, short-term redemption fees, fees assessed at the mutual fund level (e.g., contingent deferred sales charges) and/or tax ramifications.